Automation and analytics can help sustain a manufacturing revival

Automation  to the rescue

(This article is condensed from blog post at ComputerWorld UK)

With demand picking up for industrial equipment manufacturers, they are exploring how they might apply technology to existing assets as they wait to see if the demand is part of a long-term trend. For years, they have relied on automation to improve the output and efficiency of their plants.

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Today is no different:  Research shows that more than a third (39 percent) of industrial equipment companies are applying automation technology to extend asset life.

Emerging new technologies

What IS different today are the many new and emerging digital and other technologies that have the potential to dramatically improve the production process. For example, digital technologies are transforming the ways in which manufacturers can design and operate their plants and assets within them to make them more efficient and productive.

Leading companies are deploying technology solutions that support the plant’s manufacturing process, quality control activities, organization structure and operating and management model. Additionally, by applying simulation technology, manufacturers are more accurately planning resources, buffer requirements, production rates and lead times.

New tech generates data

One of the major advantages of increased use of automation is the data such technology generates. When a line is completely automated, an industrial equipment maker has access to a wide range of information not available from a non-automated process—including when production starts and finishes, line slowdowns, downtime and quality issues. This information is vital to pinpointing problems that affect manufacturing throughout and to resolving those problems to optimize the manufacturing process overall.

Condensed from original article. Read whole article at: ComputerWorld UK