Solar Lighting Systems: beautiful and practical

Solar garden lights are used to enhance landscaping and come in a wide variety of designs – and you don’t have to run any wiring for them.

Solar lighting systems capture light from the sun. They turn on at dusk and remain illuminated overnight, depending on how much sunlight they receive during the day. They generate and store their own power during the day and then release it at night, conducting it using optical fibers.

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A Solar Hot Water System is a good investment!

It more than pays for itself in energy savings, and increases your home value

This a great first step into future-proofing your home against fluctuating energy costs. A three- or four-bedroom home only needs two collectors, which leaves the rest of your roof available for solar electric panels as a next step! We install the Solar Hybrid Hot Water System by Dimplex.  Download Dimplex brochure

Typically two solar collectors are fixed to the roof and are connected by pipe to the solar tank and pumping station: