Occupational H&S

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Our primary business at SNDI is general contracting of construction and maintenance work for our clients with a focus on electrical contracting.

SmartSkills Connect is a division of SNDI that provides staffing services to our industrial and utility clients. (Visit SmartSkills Connect website.)

We believe in maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for our company personnel, clients, contractors and visitors.

SNDI is committed to the prevention of workplace injuries and ill health, improving our health and safety performance and the management of health and safety.

Our commitment will be achieved through the application of continual improvement principles and systems to promote and maintain an injury-free and healthy workplace.

At SNDI we will conduct our business in a manner that ensures compliance with applicable health and safety legislative requirements and requirements of other standards we subscribe to. Contractors and sub-contractors are required to maintain a level of safety equivalent to ours while working with us at our workplaces.

SmartNet Developments management is accountable to take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of our personnel including their right to refuse unsafe work. All personnel are required to support and participate in the OH&S program and make health and safety a part of their daily routine and to ensure that they are following safe work methods and all personnel will be held accountable for implementing the OH&S program.

Occupational Health & Safety Objectives

By continually improving the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, SmartNet Developments Inc. is committed to satisfying any interested party with excellence in health and safety performance that complies consistently with current legislation and regulations, at the best possible cost and delivered on a timely basis.

We are committed to “A SAFE AND HEALTHY WORKPLACE”