H&S and Environmental

Health & Safety and Environmental Program

A component of our Integrated Management System (IMS) is a proactive Health & Safety and Environmental (HSE) Program.  Our HSE program complies with all jurisdictional legislations.

We believe that incidents can be prevented through proper training, effective communication, supervision, use of tools and equipment and adherence to procedures and safe work practices.

Our Health & Safety and Environment Program provides the foundation from which safety is entrenched in all of our processes.

SmartNet Developments’ HSE Program is applied consistently at all our work sites across Ontario. Senior management monitors the progress of all HSE related activities and provides the guidance for continuous improvement to the program.

Auditing is conducted annually on the HSE systems, and best practices enable us to focus on leading indicators that will continuously drive improvements.


At SNDI we have an obligation to maintain a high environmental performance for all of our operations and to provide the necessary organization, commitment, communication and training to fulfill this. SNDI’s management firmly believes in, and is committed to monitoring and improving environmental performance, pollution prevention and environmental protection.

Our commitment will be achieved through the application of continual improvement in environmental performance, where reasonably practicable, we will prevent pollution by striving to minimize waste generation and resource consumption by setting objectives and targets, addressing the areas of resource use, by reducing energy and water consumption, increasing re-use and recycling and improving solid and liquid waste management methods.

As an environmentally responsible neighbor in the community where we operate SmartNet Developments focuses on pollution prevention, correcting incidents or conditions that endanger health, safety, or the environment.

At SmartNet Development we will conduct our business in a manner that ensures compliance with applicable environmental legislative requirements and requirements of other standards we subscribe to. Contractors and sub-contractors are required to maintain a level of environmental performance equivalent to ours while working with us at our workplaces.

SmartNet Developments will promote its objectives and will respond positively to inquiries and suggestions from both inside and outside the company. All employees have responsibilities for policy implementation by participating and contributing to its success through their actions and suggestions.


By continually improving the Environmental Management System, SmartNet Developments Inc. is committed to satisfying any interested party with excellence in environmental performance that comply consistently with current legislation and regulations, at the best possible cost and delivered on a timely basis.

We believe that “it is everyone’s job to protect the environment”